Maintaining optimum oil temperature is crucial for a race engine’s performance.

Concept Racing High Efficiency Oil Coolers are fabricated and welded at our workshop in the UK to drawing or pattern. We also manufacture replica oil coolers to replace an OE units and take cars in house to design, manufacture and fit oil coolers, dry sump tanks and catch tanks or complete oil systems.

Our end tanks are hand made to produce a lightweight but strong end tank with far better heat rejection properties than heavy, thick walled cast and machined tanks. Our end tanks are designed to flow oil across the core header plate to improve cooling by using the whole of the core. We produce single and multipass oil coolers as well as water cooled units. We are also able to re-core units to retain the original end tanks in some situations retaining authenticity where possible.

Our Oil coolers use efficient, lightweight modern, louvered fin technology, aluminium cores with excellent heat rejection properties built mostly in the UK but also sometimes sourced from the USA and Australia to produce an efficient end product. Cores are available in various thicknesses from 30mm to 100mm. We can also offer different fin densities to suit different applications.

Concept Racing’s Aluminium Oil coolers give customers exceptional cooling performance. Oil coolers can be made to almost any size and shape, with whatever tube sizes, fittings and mounts required. We also manufacture Dry Sump Tanks and Oil catch tanks and have a range of standard oil tanks in our online shop. The Vortex dry sump tank has repeatedly been proven to perform outstandingly on track and is currently being used on Dyno rigs for both Ricardo and Redbull Power Train to name just a few.


Concept Racing specialise in bespoke/one-off parts as well as small production runs.

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This gallery shows a selection of bespoke oil coolers, oil catch tanks and dry sump tanks manufactured at Concept Racing across a huge breadth of applications from classic car to hill climb, sprint, rally or track.