At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications

The purpose of a dry sump system is to prevent oil starvation during high-speed cornering, acceleration, and braking, which can cause engine damage or failure. It also allows better weight distribution in the race car. In addition the dry sump system facilitates running the crank case under vacuum relieving back pressure on the pistons as they travel down the cylinders. The dry sump tank is a critical part of this system and good internal design is vital to ensure de-aeration whilst avoiding oil starvation.

Deaeration of the oil is an essential aspect of dry sump tank design as air bubbles can reduce the effectiveness of the oil by creating voids in the lubrication film between the engine components, leading to increased wear, overheating, and reduced engine performance.

Our Vortex Dry Sump Tank is designed to help de-aeration of oil by encouraging the oil to spin around the tank causing the air bubbles to separate from the oil and collect at the outer edge of the tank where they can be vented out of the system. The tank also uses baffling to help prevent oil surge and resulting starvation. In addition to promoting deaeration the Vortex head protects the breather from sending excess oil to the catch tank, this is often a problem with badly designed dry sump tanks. This tank has been widely proven and we are very confident in our design. In the gallery above you’ll find some photos of various dry sump tanks manufactured to drawing and pattern. You’ll also find different versions of our Vortex tank. We are always happy to help with designing tanks for awkward spaces that utilise our Vortex head. We have manufactured quite a few larger version of the Vortex tank for Dyno use.

We also manufacture engine & gearbox Oil Catch Tanks. Sometimes these are combined into one unit. Catch tanks can also be piggybacked to the dry sump tank or mounted separately.

Concept Racing’s high quality, hand made Oil Coolers can be manufactured from your original sample oil cooler, cardboard template, or simply send us your drawing/sketch. Oil coolers can be made to almost any size and shape, with any tube sizes, fittings and mounts required. We use efficient, lightweight aluminium cores with excellent heat rejection properties built in the UK, USA and Australia. We can provide modern internally turbulated tube & fin cores or bar and plate.

We have created a Template to help get you started. (You will need Adobe Reader to view the template. You can download it free Here).

Concept Racing specialise in bespoke/one-off parts as well as small production runs.

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In the gallery above is a selection of bespoke dry sump tank, catch tanks, oil coolers and water cooled oil coolers manufactured at Concept Racing.