At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications

Competition Fuel Tanks and Swirl Pots manufactured to customer specifications, or as replicas of original tanks. We also offer an in house design, manufacture and fitting service. We manufacture tanks in many different shapes – round, triangular, oval or something completely different to fit in that awkward space.

All of our Tanks are filled with anti-explosion/anti surge foam and are manufactured from 5251 grade aluminium. We also fit fuel senders. We fit roll over valves & splash bowls which are normally requirements of the MSA/FIA regulations. We often manufacture aluminium replacements for bag tanks where FIA regulations allow as well as aluminium containers for bag tanks. We can also make fuel tank fire walls and fuel tank boxes to help meet regulations.

Please always check the current MSA/FIA regulations for your class & car age before ordering just in case there has been a recent change.