Concept Racing Vortex

The carbon bodywork used on this car was made by Reynard for their 2KQ Le Mans LMP900 sports prototype. The body is a fully autoclaved carbon fibre unit over a Nomex core and is super stiff and very light. The Floors, rear diffuser and side pods are all carbon as is the twin element rear wing and wing posts. The chassis was designed and made by Concept Racing and is made from aluminium honeycomb. The engine is a supercharged Hyabusa upgraded in order to make it strong enough to cope with the 350bhp available. The super charger is a Rotrex unit which is a mechanical turbo running a gearbox internally to step the revs up 10 to 1. With the current gearing it runs at 14psi but can run up to 22psi if required. It also runs its own sealed oil system and oil cooler.

The engine oil system is cooled by a water cooled oil cooler and the induction charge is cooled by both an intercooler and a charge cooler (water cooled inter-cooler). All water radiators and intercoolers have shaped header tanks to improve flow and have also been made at Concept Racing. The wishbones are a Cromoly aero section design also made by Concept racing.