Other Projects

The Concept Aero

Originally a Maguire space framed Hillman Imp Bob acquired this car in 1996. He set about removing the original fibreglass body, widening the chassis and building a new aluminium body for the car. The car is currently running a rear engined GSXR 1100 motor bike engine. This car is looking for a new home. Please contact us if you are interested. It is a great track day car as well as being ideal for Sprint and Hill Climb.

The Concept Bus

Bob originally bought a ’72 VW bay camper because it was “the only thing he could fit and 8’ X 4’ sheet of aluminium in”. This has led to a series of others coming along including a ’58 Split Van, a RHD 21 window Samba and the ’64 panel van shown here. This eventually resulted in him building the pickup featured elsewhere on the website.