At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications

Concept Racing’s high quality, hand made Charge Coolers and Intercoolers use lightweight, efficient cores and can be manufactured from your original sample intercooler, a drawing/sketch, photograph or even a cardboard template.

Intercoolers can be made to almost any size and shape, with whatever tube sizes, fittings and mounts required. We use efficient, lightweight aluminium cores with excellent heat rejection properties built in the UK, USA and Australia. We can provide modern internally turbulated tube & fin cores or bar and plate. In modern tube & fin cores the tubes contain turbulators which create turbulent airflow inside the tube. This turbulence promotes greater heat transfer than in a hollow tube. The fins used in the core are hemmed & louvered, increasing strength and surface area contact to create additional heat rejection potential.

Our end tanks are hand made to produce a lightweight but strong end tank with far better heat rejection properties than heavy, thick walled cast and machined tanks. Our end tanks are designed to flow air across the core header plate to improve cooling by using the whole of the core. We are also able to re-core units to retain the original end tanks in some situations thereby retaining authenticity where possible.

We also manufacture Plenums. We offer an in house service for plenum and intercooler design including pipework. Pipework often incorporates Wiggins fittings (aerospace flexible tube connectors) allowing instant, reliable quick disconnection of rigid air or liquid tubing. These connectors are invaluable for race teams requiring fast engine & transmission changes and also for dynometer rooms.

We have created a Template to help get you started. (You will need Adobe Reader view the template. You can download it free Here). Just print it out, add your dimensions, draw on your pipework and mountings and then email or fax it to us.

Concept Racing specialise in bespoke/one-off parts, as well as small production runs.

Contact by Email, Phone, fax or post to discuss in more detail.

In the gallery above is a selection of bespoke charge coolers, intercoolers and plenums made at Concept Racing.