At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke fabrications

Maintaining optimum temperature is crucial for a race engine’s performance. We can manufacture Aluminium Radiators from your drawing or pattern. Or we can manufacture replica radiators to replace an original aluminium, or copper and brass radiator sample. We also take cars in house to design, manufacture and fit radiators.

Our end tanks are hand made to produce a lightweight but strong end tank with far better heat rejection properties than heavy, thick walled cast and machined tanks. Our end tanks are designed to flow water across the core header plate to improve cooling by using the whole of the core. We produce single and multipass radiators. We are also able to re-core units to retain the original end tanks in some situations retaining authenticity where possible.

We make Charge Cooler Radiators and Water Cooled Oil Coolers.

All our Radiators use efficient, lightweight modern, louvered fin technology, aluminium cores with excellent heat rejection properties built in the UK, USA and Australia to produce an efficient end product.

Concept Racing’s Aluminium Radiators give customers huge weight savings and exceptional cooling performance. Radiators can be made to almost any size and shape, with whatever tube sizes, fittings and mounts required. We also manufacture Header Tanks, swirl pots, water pipes and sell and mount SPAL fans.

We have created a Template to help get you started. Just print it out, add your dimensions, draw on your pipework, bleed, filler neck, mountings etc and then Email or fax it to us.

Concept Racing specialise in bespoke/one-off parts as well as small production runs.

Contact by Email, Phone, fax or post to discuss in more detail.

In the gallery above is a selection of bespoke radiators, header tanks, swirl pots and water pipes manufactured at Concept Racing.

At Concept Racing we specialise in bespoke motor sport racing fabrications including our Water System – Radiators, Header Tanks and Water Swirl Pots.

We manufacture a wide range of high quality components for the motorsport industry from drawing, pattern, photograph or even a cardboard box mock up. We also work on cars brought “in house”. We will have a go a most things and are often contacted to help solve problems or make parts that people are struggling to replace. Below are some examples of our work & expertise. There are many more examples in the Galleries on our website. We specialise in one offs & small batch runs and aim to provide a friendly & reliable service. We also provide a range of off the shelf products through our Online Shop.

Bob Hall began his career making aluminium bodywork and plumbing solutions for historic sports cars. Over the last 25 he has worked on some of the most prestigious race cars ever built, from Maserati 250Fs, Lotus Grand Prix cars, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin to current Formula 1 engined hill climb cars and 24 hour Le Mans cars. Over this period of time he has gained vast experience in a multitude of areas within the Motorsport Industry. Bob has an unparalleled attention to detail combined a passion for creation and skilled craftsmanship.

Clare Daniels joined the Concept Team in 2006 and is involved in all aspects of the business. Clare is a skilled fabricator who has been at Bob’s side for the last 24 years. Over this time Clare has gained an in depth knowledge of dry sump tank manufacture and design, high performance aluminium heat exchangers and fuel tanks. Clare is the main point of contact at Concept and will do everything possible to provide you with a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable service.

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