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High Performance, Custom & Replica Dry Sump Oil Tanks

Oil Tank design is one of the key components to an effective Dry Sump System. Concept Racing manufacture some of the best dry sump tanks on the market. Our tanks have been proven on many high performance race engines as well as being used on Dyno’s for Redbull Power Trains and Ricardo Performance Products. 

In the wet sumped car oil circulates through the engine helping to lubricate and cool before draining into the sump which acts as an oil reservoir. Oil is then returned to the top of the engine to carry out the same process again. Most race cars run a dry-sump oil system, with oil being scavenged from the sump / crankcase and stored in an external Dry Sump Tank. This system has a number of advantages over a wet sump system:

  • A reduction in oil surge and starvation therefore maintaining a consistent oil supply and pressure – With a wet sump system high speed cornering and acceleration / braking can force the oil to one side of the sump resulting in the pickup pipe being temporarily uncovered and therefore leading to a loss of oil pressure. A well designed Dry Sump Tank is not as susceptible to these oil movements.
  • Better de-aeration of the oil – As oil travels through the engine it is churned and agitated – the result is an oil and air mixture with a foam-like consistency. A scavenge pump sends this aerated oil to the dry sump tank where the oil and air can be separated resulting in a useful lubricant which exits at the base of the oil tank. The Concept Racing Vortex Dry Sump Tank is designed to maximise de-aeration in the top section of the tank whilst baffles slow the oil as it passes through the tank. These baffles also help prevent slosh / surge within the tank.
  • Increased oil capacity – allows the oil more time to cool and de-aerate as well as reducing the risk of oil starvation
  • Lower centre of gravity – A shallower sump allows for mounting the engine lower in the car thereby lowering the overall centre of gravity. This shallower sump may also help with ground clearance issues.
  • Improved weight distribution – The Dry Sump Tank can be located to another part of the car to improve weight distribution.

At Concept Racing we are very often asked to design and manufacture dry sumps tanks to fit into some tight / difficult areas – this may be to due to lack of space or to optimise weight distribution. Where possible we try to utilise our Vortex de-aeration top section while the shape of the bottom of the tank is dictated by the space available. Baffles are then constructed to control the oil flow effectively. There are lots of examples of our Oil System work on our website.

Concept Racing also make Cleanable Dry Sump Tanks. These tanks can be bolted up with top and bottom sections at any orientation making them easier to fit. Concept Racing specialise in bespoke / one off fabrications – we can also make our Standard and Vortex Dry Sump Tanks in different shapes, sizes and with different fittings to suit your requirements. Alternatively we can make tanks to your drawing, pattern or have your car in our workshop to design, make and fit your Dry Sump Tank as well as Oil Catch Tank and Oil Cooler. Please contact us for more details.